Intro and Research Strategies

What is Entrepreneurship?

"I believe entrepreneurship is the management discipline that deals with the domain of extreme uncertainty. Anyone who is trying to innovate without knowing what's going to happen is an entrepreneur, their venture is a startup. Most of our (current b-school) management tools, like planning and forecasting, require a long and stable operating history. Does anyone feel like our world is getting more and more stable every day? "


Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Start-up

With the current state of the world becoming less stable, we need new strategies and tools that deal with paradox, contradiction, and ambiguity with emotional, intellectual, and tactical agility.

What does Design have to do with it?

Structure follows Strategy :

" Strategy produces a plan. A plan is defining action aimed at changing an existing situation into a preferred one, shaped by goals & constraints. ( Derived from Alfred Chandler's definition of Strategy )

Design is action aimed at changing an existing situation into a preferred one shaped by goals & constraints. ( Derived from Herbert Simon's definition of Design ) "


Alexander Baumgardt, Strategy is a Service!

Why Social Enterprise?

"Not all profit is equal—an idea that has been lost in the narrow, short-term focus of financial markets and in much management thinking. Profits involving social purpose represent a higher form of capitalism—one that will enable society to advance more rapidly while allowing companies to grow even more."


Michael Porter, Creating Shared Value

Problem Que:

Teen Pregnancy

Felon Ex-offender Unemployment

Lack of  Access to Food

Lack of Activities for Kids

Lack of Skill Monetizing 

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Business Model Design Analysis

Presenting your equity and bonds as ideal social impact finance vehicles.

Social ROI

Current estimated costs - net increase of impact that your intervention causes



Echoing Green




Early stage


Late stage

Social Impact Bonds

Social Finance

McKinsey White Paper

Goldman Sachs Case Study

Self Sustaining

Benefit Corporation