The APTE Podcast Series

Informing listeners about interesting new developments in social entrepreneurship. 

In our podcasts, we interview social entrepreneurs from around the world and discuss issues relevant to APTE's mission.

Podcast Summaries
APTE Podcast Series: Ruby Cup

We find ourselves in Nairobi this week, talking to Veronica D'Souza of the up-and-coming and extremely unique company Ruby Cup. Ruby Cup's mission is to provide reusable menstrual cups to women in Kenya - and we talk about how a product that seems so mundane in the US can have such incredible, far-reaching effects in a place like Nairobi.

APTE Podcast Series : Stories from the Business Competition

This week, we talk to two of the winners of last year's APTE Business Competition - Wes Meier of Honduras-based nonprofit EOS International, and Amena Mian of Project Sina, an ethical clothing company that employs women in Karachi, Pakistan - to hear how the Biz Comp helped them grow their startups.

APTE Podcast Series : Two Degrees

In this edition of the podcast, we speak with Peter Walters, Director of Marketing & Partnerships at Two Degrees and creator of the Campus Director Program. Two Degrees sells nutrition bars, utilizing a buy one/give one model. For every Two Degrees Bar sold, Two Degrees donates a meal to a starving child. Listen as we discuss Two Degrees’ mission, the effectiveness of the buy one/give one business model, and Peter’s personal experience with social entrepreneurship.

APTE Podcast Series : Maximin

In episode 2, we talk with Stephen Brown, a philosophy professor at The Ohio State University. Currently, Stephen is working on developing Maximin, a website that ranks charities based on impact and tracks where donors’ money actually goes. Discussions in this podcast include Stephen’s motivation for starting Maximin, how Maximin works, the ethics of aid, and how to run a crowdfunding campaign on a site such as Indegogo.

APTE Podcast Series : Star House

In this episode, we speak with Natasha Slesnik, Professor at the Department of Human Development and Family Science at the Ohio State University. She is the founder and executive director of STAR House, the only drop in center for homeless youth in Central Ohio. Listen to gain insight into the homeless population, find out more about the services STAR House offers, and learn how Natasha got it all started.

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