A storyboard is a presentation of a series of images that are used to document a sequence of events.  The ideas depicted in the storyboard can vary from a common explanation of the usage of the service to a hypothetical scenario describing the implementation of a new service prototype.


The construction of storyboards vary.  One method reflects a comic-strip style, where the storyboard can tell the story sequentially and visualize the cause and effects presented.

The trick is to use as many contextual details as possible when developing the storyboards in a very straight-forward manner.


Storyboards are self-explanatory in the sense that they transform ideas related to the service experience from thoughts to stories that are much easier to visualize.  These stories add perspective and insight on the future of the service.

In the creation process, service designers are challenged to put themselves into the situation (or into the story) and predict a sequence of events, increasing empathy and understanding of the primary issues at hand.