Brainstorming/ Idea Generation

Source - General Brainstorming

Source - Scribble Say Slap Brainstorming


Brainstorming draws from the idea that working together aggregates information much more quickly and with a wider range of outputted ideas based on its loose construct.  

Specifically, Scribble Say Slap Brainstorming is a group-based exercise that can take a wide range of opinions from a large amount of people with limited time constraints.


In brainstorming, It is critical to keep the ideas flowing! The exercise will be most effective if you keep to these ground rules:

  • Defer judgment - build on ideas to make them better.
  • Don't criticise!
  • One conversation at a time
  • Go for quantity - the more ideas the better
  • Have wild ideas - every idea is valid
  • Stay focused on the problem in hand
  • Be visual - draw ideas or represent them with whatever is to hand. 

Do you best to keep the group under 20 people.  One of these 20 people should be appointed "facilitator."  This Facilitator will lead the group in discussion and maintain order.

One method of brainstorming includes having participants write their ideas on sticky notes (scribble), then shout them out loud (say), and post them on a wall (slap).  Designated helpers should assist the group in posting their ideas onto the brainstorming wall.

After the large group finishes, a smaller group can choose which of the ideas to implement.


Brainstorming in a group is a great way to aggregate information and ensure that personal bias is not too present in the service design.