Hopes and Fears



Hopes and Fears encourages service designers to be wary of the expectations held for the project, as well as makes those expectations easier to achieve.


Collect a group of individuals working on the service design and ask them to verbally express their hopes and fears for the project.

Designate a leader who can organize the group's thoughts on two separate sheets of paper or on a T-chart.  Physically recording them can serve as a reminder throughout the project.

As a group, discuss the outcomes of the exercise and try to analyze which hopes and fears can and cannot be addressed.

It is important to maintain a constructive atmosphere, using respectful language and ensuring that everyone is heard.


Working as a group to establish goals for the project is extremely beneficial both for the group members and for the service design.  Utilizing the opinions of many in constructing a vision for the future of the project will increase awareness of expectations and provide a guideline.