Co-creation is a universally applicable tool that can be utilized by a varied group of stakeholders to analyze and innovate the service experience.  Co-creation can also be applied with other tools easily, as well.


Co-creation is based on the fundamental elements of "teamwork."  Some barriers to watch out for include:

  • fear of embarrassment
  • reluctance to challenge authority
  • unfamiliarity with co-creation principles

To combat these obstacles, create an environment that has barriers, but no constraining boundaries on participant responses.

After the Co-creation session, the results can be applied to the next stage in the process.


Co-creation is a way to implement open-source development philosophy into the group work. Co-creation helps aggregate the opinions of many in developing a better service experience.

It is important to note, however, that the results of the Co-creation session are not necessarily based on the group's general consensus.  Instead, the information gathered at the session is used by the design team.