Do you want to meet new people? Are you passionate about making an impact? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

If the answers are yes, yes, or yes, you should probably come hang out with us.

We're gathering together young professionals who want to meet others who are interested in social entrepreneurship. The pop-up studios are networking events with a small twist! Here, you can learn how to apply new entrepreneurial techniques by participating in a short group exercise, share insights and best practices, discuss social issues and develop a network of community members dedicated to helping each other succeed while making a difference.

Our dubbed pop-up studios incorporate a fun interactive exercise loosely based on the our upcoming Social Enterprise Design Studio curriculum, with the intention of imparting some new knowledge or skill about how to successfully put business ideas into practice.  

The pop-ups take place every three weeks with a changing focus on different aspects of the innovation process. 

Check out our calendar so you can mark yours! 


Pop-up Studio Questions

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